We take no risks in our after-sales department.

We stock the filters for every compressor brand:

  • Air/oil separator elements
  • Air cleaner elements
  • Oil filter elements
  • Air/oil separator boxes

Stability, energy efficiency and swift replacement are guaranteed

A supplier of complete filtration systems must give top priority to stability. Our products from MANN-FILTER will ensure that your compressors work reliably and economically. MANN + HUMMEL is constantly developing new solutions in cooperation with the leading manufacturers on the market.

Stay safe: keep to service intervals!

Even our "FILTERS" need servicing eventually. We recommend servicing them as specified by the manufacturer, because timely servicing can save you money!

Note that manufacturers' recommended service intervals relate to quality filters, so you should always keep to them without fail.

Late servicing costs money:

Air cleaner elements:

  • Increased energy costs
  • Compressor loses power

Air/oil separator element:

  • Increased energy cocts
  • High residual oil content reduces life of downstream fine filters

Oil filter elements:

  • Reduces life of downstream filters such as the air/oil separator element and the fine filters
  • Increased wear of compressor components and screw

MANN + HUMMEL Filters for Compressors