Air/oil separators

Exhaust filters are important building blocks in the chain of quality compressed air treatment.


The use of compressed air is now an integral feature of every industrial firm. Compressors and vacuum pumps are used in the construction industry, mechanical engineering and highly sensitive sectors such as the food stuffs, pharmaceuticals and electrical engineering industries.


  • Air/oil separators boxes
  • Air/oil separators filters
  • Standard wrap elements
  • Air/oil separators


Working principle

Air/oil seperators work according to the "principle of coalescence". Micro-glass-fibre layers separate drops of oil from the compressed air and return them in large drops to the oil circuit of the compressor. The separation process is effective right down to the submicron range. This ensures that oil consumption in the compressors and oil entertainment into the compressed air networks are kept ro a minimum. Oil-vapour is not separated.


Air/oil separators can be used with all types of standard compressor lubricationg oils, irrespective of whether they are mineral-based, snythetic or partially synthetic products.

Air/oil separators