Oil Bath Air Cleaner by Krone

Oil bath air filters are particularly well suited for low to medium level
dust conditions.

Important remark!
Mann + Hummel stopped producing oil bath air cleaners in 2014.
Now you can get replacements for the Mann + Hummel standard filter from Krone (made in Germany).

The advantages of an oil bath air filter at a glance:

  • Particularly robust metal design
  • Maintenance possible without spare parts and during operation
  • Flow rates of up to 24 m3/min are covered
  • High degree of effectiveness with only slight loss of pressure
  • Extended service intervals thanks to large reservoir for dirt capture


  • Heavy duty machinery, vehicles and gensets deployed in low to medium-level dust conditions

Product Information, dimensions and order numbers: Krone Oil Bath Air Cleaner
Operating instructions Krone Oil Bath Air Cleaner

Accessory like rain caps and brackets are also available!

Dimensions and order numbers: Krone Oil Bath Air Cleaner