New IQORON air cleaner range from Mann+Hummel


IQORON is a two-stage air cleaner with a high-efficiency

cyclone block to meet the demands of both today and tomorrow for higher air throughputs combined with a more compact design.


To enable it to maintain its full potential efficiency of more

than 95%, it is continuously scavenged.




Advantages at a glance:

• low space requirement through compact design

• long filter service life through highly efficient multi-cyclone block

   pre-cleaner and the CompaPleat double-bellows element

• highest reliability through filter element with axial seal and 

   additional secondary element with radial seal

• inline air flow enables numerous installation possibilities

• easy monitoring of the dirt accumulation level through integrated

   connection for service switch

• cleaning of multi-cyclone block made easy through central fixing


• eco-friendly disposal of metall-free filter element (fully incinerable)

• problem-free fitting to different units through variable installation


• quick first-fit through various fixing possibilities



  • All of these air cleaners feature the newly-developed CompacPleat element and use an oval design that is uniquely suited to installation in extremely confined spaces


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Iqoron from Mann + Hummel