Turbo II + III Precleaner and Power RAM

Precleaner with high efficiency and low restriction

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All advantages at once:

  • Extends the service life of your air filter by 2 to 10 times
  • Self-powered and cleaning
  • Reduces engine wear and prolongs engine life
  • Helps your engine to maximize its efficiency and power
  • Reduces costly and long service life
  • Easy construction
  • Has been tested by independent laboratories according to SAE standard

 Aplication fields:

  • Machines
  • Agriculture
  • Locomotives
  • Stationary installations

Design and operation of a turbo precleaner:

  1. During the development of the Turbo Precleaner it was ensured that the pure-flowing air can rotate.
  2. As the air rotates, it is separated by centrifugal force from insects, dirt, dust, rain and snow.
  3. The contaminants separated from the air are transported outwards through special openings at high speed.
  4. Only the cleaned air is passed on to the air filter.

How a Turbo Precleaner works

All turbo precleaners are self-powered and self-cleaning, but the simple design is particularly impressive. The installation is very simple, as most units only have to be mounted on the intake pipe of the air filter. No further connections are required (for example a hose to the exhaust) and no further parts are required!

The structure and function of a turbo precleaner described here is used in the two models turbo II Precleaner and turbo III Precleaner.

The Turbo Precleaners from Maradyne

Quality of MARADYNE: The Turbo Precleaner

The Turbo Precleaner is manufactured by the Maradyne Corporation of the USA and is only one of many successful products of this company. Over the years, the products have been further developed and optimized.


If you would like to know more about the Turbo II Precleaner or Turbo III Precleaner, we have the right information for you. Also to the PowerRAM we have some interesting facts for you.