Precleaner with high efficiency and low restriction

The Turbo II Precleaner is the only precleaner that attracts the polluted air through the protective screen on the top of the unit. The device was developed in 1980 and patented in the same year.

The carefully designed blades inside are angled and overlapping. As a result, the pure-flowing air can rotate and the impurities are separated from the air by centrifugal force. The impurities are passed from the main chamber into the wider lower chamber, where they are discharged at high speed through a spindle nozzle.

Turbo ii Precleaner

In summary, it can be said that - due to the increased circulation - the air can be passed on to the air filter as best as possible from the dirt and the cleansing agents. The design offers an outstanding balance between limitations and efficiency.

The Turbo II Precleaner is available in four different sizes with an air flow from 2.8 to 31.1 cubic meters per minute, or 100 to 1100 CFM.

Turbo II Precleaner

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