Precleaner with high efficiency and low restriction

The Turbo III Precleaner is the latest generation of precleaner and was developed and manufactured with the polymer Perlon (nylon 6). The technology of the cleaning is used with the centrifugal force as with the turbo II Precleaner. The turbo III Precleaner offers the same advantages as the turbo II Precleaner, but is considerably lighter due to the lack of weight of the metal units. In addition, the new patented "stacked vane" configuration has even improved the degree of cleanliness of the air by preventing the blow-through effect in other polymer units.

Turbo iii Precleaner

The turbo III is currently available in five different sizes with an air flow from 0.4 to 31.1 cubic meters per minute, respectively 15 to 1100 CFM.

In addition, the turbo III Precleaner is also available as an "inline" model for mounting the precleaner under the bonnet, allowing the engine to get fresh air.

Turbo III Precleaner

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