The Mann + Hummel centrifuges efficiently separate dirt particles such as soot particles and particles resulting from the abrasion of metal in lube oils in diesel engines. This technology is also suitable and efficient for gearboxes, hydraulic systems and other industrial applications.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Improved purity of oil
  • Extended oil service life
  • Longer service intervals
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Preventative care for the engine
  • Reduces servicing costs
  • Cuts waste disposal costs
  • Less engine downtime
  • Maximises service life of vehicles, engines and machinery
  • Lower total operating costs
  • Smoother combustion process and lower fuel consumption
  • Complements emissions reduction ( e.g. exhaust gas recirculation) systems well
  • Quickly pays itself back

Functional principle

The oil is pumped into the centrifuge, where it flows into a hollow spindle and is forced out of this through a lateral hole into the rotor of the centrifuge. Once the rotor is full of oil, the pressure that has built up forces the oil out through two tangential nozzles positioned opposite one another in the base of the rotor.

This causes the rotor to spin very fast, with the resulting centripetal force causing the dirt particles entering the rotor to accelerate radially. They are consequently deposited on the inner wall of the rotor where, over time, they form a dense cake.

dimensions & details

Centrifuges from Mann + Hummel