Mann+Hummel strainers are a type of surface filter. They are good value, sturdy, and exceptionally well suited to large

quantities of impurities and relatively coarse particles. They are designed for installation in tanks or for free suction from a reservoir. The versions with a filter housing are for use as inline filters.


The benefits at a glance:

  • Superb as pre-filters
  • Suction filters for protecting downstream components
  • Different filtration degrees available on request
  • Low flow resistance
  • Can be used with high-viscosity liquids
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Low-maintenance



  • Conrtsuction and farm machinery
  • Mobile compressors



The strainer material is held between two rugged metal end plates and, in the strainers listed in the catalogue, is pleated in a star configuration for maximum surface area. The fluid flows through the strainer from the outside to the inside.



  • Suction filters are screwed directly onto the pump connection or onto a suitable intake pipe
  • If a housing is used, the filter can be screwed inline onto the upstream or downstream pipe sections
  • The versions with a housing also have a drain screw for cleaning purposes
  • Depending on the quantity of impurities, a filter cake may form, which can be removed by washing the strainer

Strainers from Mann + Hummel