Our guiding principles and values

We are a major player in industrial filtration. By offering our customers:
Filtration und sorgen durch unser Leistungsangebot mit



  • Certified filter quality
  • A wide range of products
  • Reliable access to the products they need
  • Quick response times and reliable delivery
  • Expertise in consulting, engineering and production

we are able to fully meet their expectations.

Our innovative solutions and commitment to top quality make us our customers' go-to partner.

We are also an important product development partner to our customers.

We develop customer-oriented solutions, use synergies and apply our expertise in all project phases.

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Our willingness to assume responsibility and take risks fosters an entrepreneurial mindset in our company which opens up new opportunities.

We encourage creativity, adaptability and motivation in our employees, and provide ongoing training in order to create the conditions for innovation and its implementation in all areas of the company.

We achieve operational excellence by applying value-adding processes that we are working to improve all the time, and by cutting through red tape.

We are quick and efficient whether we are transforming new ideas into marketable products, handling customer enquiries, or interacting with our coworkers.

Our expertise is enhanced by frequent changes and improvements.

We have an international outlook. In implementing our growth strategy we are open to partnerships and alliances.

We have a responsible approach to society and the environment.

Our high quality standards are the result of our thorough training strategy, many years of practical experience, and effective networks and partnerships.