HUG mobiclean® advanced

Soot filter

The soot particle filter is based on a ceramic honeycomb structure made of silicon carbide (SiC). Up to 99 % of even the smallest particles (20-300 nanometers) are eliminated. 

The effectiveness of our filters has been tested against the most stringent standards. (VERT –certification).

Soot regeneration

Regeneration means combustion of the soot in the filter without leaving any residue. Soot is pure carbon created in the course of the incomplete combustion characteristic of diesel engines. 

An Oxi-Cat is fitted for good measure to burn off the soot deposits in the filter. In conjunction with the standard version of the catalytically coated filter monolith, soot particle combustion starts at around 250°C. Proper functioning is only ensured if more than 25 % of the operating time is spent in excess of the specified temperature of 250°C.

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