ProFluid backwash filter




Dirt particles of a certain boundary grain size are not caught by the scraper. In conventional gap-type tube filters, these particles – especially those with gap widths ≤ 100 μm – can settle in the gaps and, depending on the operating conditions, may quickly lead to clogging of the gap-type tube. Through the action of the backwash chamber, it is possible to flush the boundary grains out of the gap-type tube. The backwashing chamber acts across the entire gap-type tube length. When the backwash line is opened, the medium flows opposite the normal direction of flow into the non-pressurized backwash chamber and is discharged to the outside. The backwash process can be controlled according to company-specific requirements. Control variables can be operating hours, units of time, as well as an increase in the diff erential pressure between the raw side and clean side of the filter. The operating pressure and preset backwash volume determine the eff ectiveness of the backwash. The patented combination of dirt scraping and backwashing in the case of the Profluid represents an eff ective form of cleaning the gap-type tube during operation.

The advantages at a glance


  • maintenance friendly
  • gap widths >= 75 μm
  • optional automatic cleaning without interrupting operation
  • the classic - proven thousands of times
  • economically

Krone Filtertechnik Gap-type tubefilters and Profluid
(Successor model from the Mann + Hummel Gap-type tubefilter)

Gap-type tube filter DN 50

Gap-type tube filter DN 100 / DN 200