Krone SMF® - MR

Diesel particle filter for manual cleaning

Highlights of Krone SMF® - MR Filters

  • Application range up to 80 KW
  • Operation time up to 40 hours (depending on fuel quality and engine condition)
  • Cost-saving solution
  • Easy installation
  • Life time > 4.000 if handled according to operator´s manual
  • Quick and easy removal of element by means of quick release clamp
  • Easy cleaning with high pressure cleaner
  • High soot storage capacity, long operation time

VERT® - certified
lrv conformity - 5‘214‘009‘783/1

Krone SMF-MR - Rußfilter zur manuellen Reinigung Krone SMF-MR - Einsatzbereich bis 80 KW

Krone SMF® - MR - The cost-saving solution


*SMF® is a protected brand name from HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co KG.